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The Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC) has revealed it will open its next research centre in Amman, capital of Jordan.

The move was confirmed today during the inaugural Global Tourism Resilience Day, hosted at the DP World pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Speaking today, Jamaica minister of tourism and GTRCMC co-founder, Edmund Bartlett, said: “We are here to raise the global conciseness about resilience, but also to bring forward action – we will be judged on our actions, not just our words.


“To this end, we have worked to establish centres in highly tourism dependant destinations, particularly in the Caribbean, allowing them to manage resources to overcome challenges they face.”

The GTRCMC was initially established in Montego Bay in Jamaica, before opening a second location in Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

The organisation has plans for a total of 11 centres, with a further eight to be unveiled in the coming months.

In Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria and Botswana are in line.

Elsewhere, Canada has signed a memorandum of understanding to open a centre at George Brown College, while Bulgaria, Sevilla in Spain, Barbados, Bahamas and Guatemala have offered support.

Jamaica minister of tourism, Edmund Bartlett, tells us more about the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre:

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Find out more about the GTRCMC on the official website.