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Delta is partnering with the Centres for Disease Control & Prevention to keep international customers informed of potential Covid-19 exposure through contact tracing.

Along with nine global airline partners, the carrier is working with government agencies, health officials and aviation authorities to offer safer travel at every point in a journey.

Beginning December 15th, Delta will become the first United States-based airline to ask customers traveling to the country from an international location to voluntarily provide five pieces of data to aid contact tracing and public health follow-up efforts.

These include full name, email and address in the United States, as well as two phone numbers.

“Independent studies have shown that the many layers of protection Delta has already put in place are effectively minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission, and contact tracing adds one more important layer to our efforts to ensure safety throughout travel,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta chief customer experience officer.


“We want customers to feel safe when they return to travel, and this voluntary program is another way we can provide additional reassurance to customers and employees alike.” 

Under the new process, Delta is working with the CDC to streamline contact-tracing efforts by directly and securely transmitting the five requested customer data points.

This will give the CDC access to the data in moments, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to notify affected customers via local health departments.

By connecting with customers more quickly and providing public health follow-up, health authorities can help reduce instances of potential exposure and slow the spread of the virus.