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The brand new ocean-going super yacht Emerald Azzurra from Emerald Cruises has floated out at the Halong Shipbuilding Company in Vietnam.

The news marks just over a year until guests will be able to set sail on the brand-new yacht.

Emerald Azzurra is the first custom-built ocean super yacht launched by Emerald Cruises, and will set sail on January 28th, 2022, on the eight-day Best of the Red Sea itinerary.

Once complete, Emerald Azzurra guests will enjoy a luxury small ship cruising experience, with the super yacht carrying just 100 guests in 50 deluxe suites and staterooms.

Some 88 per cent of cabins include a balcony and the yacht features an on-board wellness centre, three tenders and a Zodiac for shore landings.


Emerald Azzurra also features a marina platform to allow easy access to snorkelling, paddle boarding or swimming at one of the many swim stops.

As well as having access to small ports and harbours that large ships cannot access, guests will have the opportunity to taste local flavours and cocktails whilst taking in the views from one of the three different bars and restaurants.

Glen Moroney, founder and chairman of the Scenic Group (including Emerald Cruises) commented: “We are incredibly excited to see Emerald Azzurra successfully enter the water as the next stage of her build, the completion of the interior, commences.

“Once again Emerald Cruises is looking to the future and building a game changing vessel at a time when small-ship experiences are gaining in popularity.”